The Green Haworth Golf Club is one of those places where everybody can come and feel like they belong, regardless of class or social status. There are plenty of golf clubs that only aim to attract members of the "upper classes" who can afford to pay expensive membership dues. We welcome anyone, and charge prices that most people can afford. We are able to achieve this by separating out services into different priced packages. Anyone can afford a round of golf on a weekend, but a higher level of membership is necessary for those who want to enjoy the gentlemanly club life of our clubhouse and private member's facilities.


Everyday tee times could be reserved 7 days ahead of time. Tee time reservations must be secured using a charge card. Inability to suggest cancellations' tennis shop before the tee time prior to 6:00pm the afternoon will result inside the reservation in a cost per person. See cancellation policy & our reservation.


appropriate golf apparel and etiquette is needed (no denim permitted). Shirts with sleeves are needed. Shorts have to be Bermuda length. Redmond Ridge is a gentle-spikes facility.


Green Haworth Golf Club is the ideal location for almost any function, from main corporate excursions to small personal activities. In aiding you at every phase of one's function, with attention to depth, we take delight.

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Welcome to Green Haworth Golf Club Website, we are sure that you will find it both entertaining and informative.

The Green Haworth Golf Club was founded upon the philosophy and with the mission statement that golf is a game that should be enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of their financial or social status. That’s why our club is open to absolutely anybody who is willing to respect the facilities and other members. For decades people have been coming to our golf club on weekends for a fun family day out because of our friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and that’s the way we want it to stay. But just because we’re open to the man on the street, that doesn’t mean we don’t attract people at the other end of the spectrum. Many of our regular members are wealthy business people and celebrities. Our corporate functions have played host to the leadership of some very big UK companies. The barristers from Fountain Court Chambers in London and the board of directors of fitness instructor courses provider Discovery Learning have held their annual management conferences at our club every year for over ten years now.

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We as one of the best Golf Culb in the area hold the ideal location for almost any function, from main corporate excursions to small personal activities. In aiding you...

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